Signage is impactful- as usually the first thing a guest or passerby sees, signage can entice, dispel, awaken and define. What a better way to do this, than with neon?

Neon signage, with it characteristic reddish-orange glow, awakens fond memories of 1950's diners and bowling alleys. And that's exactly why it is still being used today- it is memorable. The ability to write and demonstrate in glowing, bright colors is quite attractive to any brand, contemporary or midcentury. Any other colors besides the reddish-orange, is actually a different type of inert gas or element, creating a whole spectrum of colors depending on gaseous mixtures and electric current.

We see it today in lots of applications: brand names and logos, unconventional text and phrases, a back-lit glowing effect and often encased in metal lettering to resemble vintage marquee lettering. A new trend taking the neon scene, is typography created from custom bent glass tubes filled with a gas. See the Nike sign below- a demonstration of typography at its finest, conveying brand values through a specific campaign.

RECREATE: explore different branding techniques using neon signage, especially custom typography and shapes. Or scout some antique malls and incorporate vintage signage into a bar scene for a nostalgic vibe.


Black is an iconic, timeless, classic color. The little Black dress. Black is the new Black. Black tie. It appears endlessly in fashion and is somehow always being reinvented. However, when designing space, black is something to be used sparingly. It is used as an accent or focal point instead of an entirety. This is because, among other things, overwhelming use of black in space makes space seem small, uninviting, and dark. Black has been something to be avoided in many eras and fields of interior design.

We are now seeing black resurfacing in interior design. One of the ways black is appearing in design now is in fixtures and hardware. It can stand out in a bright space and ground another. With hardware and fixtures tending to come in just a handful of finishes and colors, this emergence of black is welcomed. Also in commercial spaces it is important for a designer to take product maintenance into account. Bathroom fixtures, accessories, and hardware are items that thousands of users may touch throughout the designs lifetime. A black finish is a great low maintenance option where less cleaning and upkeep will be required and the fixture will appear new and fresh for a long time.