As designers with an eye for detail, we tend to look to the ground for inspiration. Floor details give an insight to the design and precision of the space. A recent trend in floor detailing is geometric tiles, usually in ceramic or concrete form. Grayscale tile is perfect for a clean backdrop to allow other pops of color or material in the space, whether it be a cafe, private bathroom, spa or entryway. The geometric shapes, however, add another layer of detail to the otherwise flat surface. 

In a cafe in Paris, geometry is an overwhelming theme, with a triangular wood bar top and hexagonal floor tiles. The hexagons are glossy black, offsetting the warm wood. Grayscale geometric tile is in. Shapes and patterns we have seen include hexagons, parallelograms, abstracted florals, herringbone, tweed, and more. These patterned shapes carry the eye through the space, without overwhelming in color. See below for specifics.

RECREATE: in any room, big or small, geometric tile can be that subtle impact, without overpowering the senses.