Tromp L'Oeil, or to deceive the eye, is an art technique that originated in the Baroque period, utilizing perspective sketching and drawing to create realistic paintings and artwork. Deception of depth and materials, especially seen in set design, builds new and unexpected spaces with just a paintbrush.

We're now seeing modern, unique wallcoverings with tromp l'oeil patterns, creating either realistic perspectives or miniature dioramas. Mostly monochromatic, tromp l'oeil wallcoverings provide an unnatural feeling of space and horizon with bookshelves turned on their sides and white props stacked on imaginary shelves. Found in cafes, lounges, and waiting areas, these graphic walls invoke interest through traditional artistic methods. Floors have also taken on a tromp l'oeil effect, mostly through tiling techniques. We see geometry creating faux three-dimensional planes through shadow and highlight tiles. See below for our favorites.

RECREATE: use with a neutral backdrop, to avoid too much visual stimulation. Click on images for original source.